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Emperor Kuzco



Main Journal: rewrittenwings
E-Mail: gothic_excel@hotmail.com
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Name: Emperor Kuzco
Disney Movie/Show: The Emperors new groove
Gender: Male
Time Frame: Before he was transformed into a llama
Character Journal: brat_emperor

Basic Questions

Do you have any previous role-playing experience?: Yuppers I’ve been role-playing for at least ten years I think.
Would you be willing to role-play on the community?: yes
Would you be willing to role-play on IM?: yes
Would you be willing to role-play via E-Mail?: yes

Example (IC only)
First Person (Journal Entry): Can you believe the nerve of some people?! Today some whiney peasant was complaining about something…I can't remember what exactly, but that’s not the point! The point is that he threw off my groove!! Can you believe it?! I had him chucked out of the window for that, silly whiney peasant!

Third Person (Com Log): Kuzco rolled his eyes as yet another peasant came in to complain about something stupid again. This was what, the fourth peasant to come in and whine about something in the space of thirty minutes? He slouched in his chair and played with a necklace he’d requested be made especially for him, not making eye contact at all with the man and pulling a disinterested face. “Blah, blah, blah is that all these peasants do?!” he thought to himself with annoyance as the peasant spoke.

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