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Main Journal: ai_no_kaku
E-Mail: sada-chan@hotmail.com
IM: bunnylvr1987


Name: Fa Mulan
Disney Movie/Show: Mulan
Gender: Female
Time Frame: After she saves china, before the second movie.
Character Journal: hero_of_china

Basic Questions

Do you have any previous role-playing experience?: yes, 6 years worth
Would you be willing to role-play on the community?: yes
Would you be willing to role-play on IM?: yes
Would you be willing to role-play via E-Mail?: yes

Example (IC only)
First Person (Journal Entry): Aya! Little Brother got into the chicken coop today, and they ALL got loose! I spent the entire afternoon chasing down those stupid hens. And to make matters worse, Shang arrived for dinner sometime during the crazy chicken chase.  Not knowing this, I walked into the main room of the house dirty, covered in sweat, clothes array, hair sticking up in odd places, and royally hen pecked. And there sat Shang, sipping tea with Ba-Ba and Grandmother Fa. I COULD HAVE DIED. Then Ba-Ba calmly asked if I'd caught all the chickens, somehow completely defusing the situation.

Third Person (Com Log):  The sun had yet to peak over the mountains that peppered the vast Chinese terrain, yet Mulan was already wide awake. She had become accustomed to rising at this hour during her time in basic training and found that it was a rather hard habit to break upon returning to her normal life.  Rising before the sun did have its added benefits though. Mulan found that she enjoyed sitting back with a cup of jasmine tea and watching the sun peak over the horizon in a myriad of colors. It was times like this, when she watched the reds fade to purple then to blue, that she was truly able to clear her mind and relax. 

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