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application. :]


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Name: Oliver Oken.
Disney Movie/Show: Hannah Montana.
Gender: Male.
Time Frame: Right after 'You've Gotta Fight For Your Right To Party'.
Character Journal: ollie_trolley 

Basic Questions

Do you have any previous role-playing experience?: Yes, I do. :]
Would you be willing to role-play on the community?: Definitely.
Would you be willing to role-play on IM?: Yup.
Would you be willing to role-play via E-Mail?: Sure thing.

Example (IC only)
First Person (Journal Entry):
Okay. So, Miley and Lily have been giving me the stupidest look lately. Not to mention, I've been the walking, talking dummy. I mean, come on, I've got feelings too, ya know? All  said was I was wondering if Hannah was going to come to the local benefit. But, where in the world are we going to get ahold of Hannah... Wait a second. Oh, well, hah, that makes ...a little sense now. Uh, anyway. I think that's definitely enough typing for Smokin' Oken tonight. I'm going to go..sit down and try not to ..talk. Just, sit there, and maybe..hum a little. Yeah, humming's a good thing. >__>

Third Person (Com Log):
Oliver had helped himself inside the Stewart's fridge. Miley had run upstairs to do something, and he wasn't exactly hopping on up the stairs to go see just what. He popped his lips together, searching through the refrigerator. All the while, he'd been humming the lyrics to Hannah Montana's latest single. He'd never quite remembered the name of it, all he knew was that it involved pumping up parties. Finally, after a few minutes of searching, his eyes lit up. With a wide grin, he pulled the bottle of mustard out of its cold storage, setting it on the nearby island. The peanut butter and bread rested next to it, and he closed the fridge door with his left foot. Holding out his hands, he laced his fingers, attempting to crack them graciously. Oliver picked up the mustard, grinning at the yellow container. "Hello, sweet, sweet victory." He spoke to the bottle, squirting some of its contents onto the bread. "You know, in a few minutes, you will be the lucky winner of the 'Next Thing to Fall Into Oliver's Stomach' contest." Spooning out some of the peanut butter, he slapped it on the bread with a smile. Slapping the bread together, he walked over to the table. Taking a bite of the sandwich, he grinned, swallowing. "Ah..life is good.." He blinked for a minute. "And stuck to my mouth." Ollie set down the sandwich and walked back over to the refrigerator. This wasn't over yet.
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