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Hello! ♥ Here's my humble application for Jasmine from Aladdin...#^.^#


Main Journal: jh4e
IM: XxYamiJhoneyxX


Name: Princess Jasmine
Disney Movie/Show: Aladdin
Gender: Female
Time Frame: The time frame of the third Aladdin movie
Character Journal: ??? TBD

Basic Questions

Do you have any previous rp experience? Heck yes! ^_^ You could say I’m almost addicted to it
Would you be willing to play on community/email/im? Yes


First Person (Self Journal Entry)

Darn those thieves! They’ve ruined the wedding pavilion! I swear…but at least I took out a couple of them in retaliation. Father was disappointed as well, but he knows that we will be married soon enough. He’s just eager for some grandchildren – giggle - I’m glad Genie’s here to help out. Things’ll get done a lot faster this way thankfully.

I’m worried about Aladdin though. Ever since that raid today, he’s been quiet and distant from me and everyone else, even Genie. I should probably try and check on him to see how he’s doing.

Third Person (Interactive Entry)

Jasmine did a rolling tumble between the first big brute’s legs, looking up seeing a couple more assaulters coming her way. She looked to see Aladdin fighting off two more on her right. She prayed her father was all right.

She picked up a nearby sword as she prepared to face off against a couple more of the gang members heading her way. She wouldn’t stop fighting till they were all gone and her father was safe and home once more.
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