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Lilly Truscott

application time. =D


Main Journal:
IM: Blackatlola


Name: Lily Truscott
Disney Movie/Show: Hannah Montana
Gender: Female
Time Frame: after the episode "You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Party"
Character Journal: branmuffin_love 
Basic Questions

Do you have any previous role-playing experience?: Yup, around 4 to 5 years at various places.
Would you be willing to role-play on the community?: Sure would!
Would you be willing to role-play on IM?: Yup!
Would you be willing to role-play via E-Mail?: Definately!

Example (IC only)
First Person (Journal Entry): Well, Miley sucked me into this WEIRD thing, I don't even know what it is but she's all "oh you'll love it Lily!", soooo I said I would. I'm not making any promises though Miley, 'cause you know what happens when I make promises. Right Miley? Huh? Yeah...Miley's not here right now. You know what's stupid? I mean, apart from Oliver, ooh no I'm joking! Anyway, what's really, like really stupid right now is that Miley is all "I'm soooo gunna flunk this test, help me Lily!", and man she doesn't even KNOW the meaning of flunking a test, she should talk to me if she wants to know! Which she was...but anyway, asking for my help? Not a smart move Miley, nu uh. So I totally can't help her with this test, which meeeeeans she's probably gonna fail. And then her Dad will ground her. Then me and Oliver will be stuck without Miley for like two weeks, and you know how boring that's gonna get? Yeah pretty boring, duh! So like I said, it's totally stupid.

Third Person (Com Log):



Lily sighed, rolling her eyes. Miley had dragged her along to the mall again ONLY to look at clothes that she thought were cute, totally forgetting that they were going to see a movie and THEN look at clothes that she thought were cute too, and get Miley to buy them for her. Talk about an irresponsible best friend.

"Miley..!" She whined, letting her shoulders droop as they approached another rack of boring looking clothes, but with Miley's name written all over it. Or probably Hannah Montana's if she had her own clothing line out. Which gave Lily an idea...but it was stupid anyway. "Come on, can't we go to a store with cute clothes?" As if to emphasise her point she held up a brown, plain shirt with absolutely no detail on it what so ever. "Seriously are you ever going to wear this?"

All she got back from her best friend was an arched eyebrow before a dress was thrown at her, and she was told to "Hold my stuff!" without so much as a look at her. It was tough being the clothes hanger today, but she knew if she complained just enough, Miley would eventually get sick of her and let her go to her favourite store....Nah, that probably wouldn't happen.

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