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Application: Jadis/The White Witch


Main Journal: lavendar_menace
E-Mail: menstrual.dreamer@gmail.com
IM: Rosa Doloris


Name: Jadis/The White Witch
Disney Movie/Show: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe
Gender: Female
Time Frame: After killing Aslan, Before the final battle
Character Journal: empresscharn

Basic Questions

Do you have any previous role-playing experience?: Yes
Would you be willing to role-play on the community?: Yes
Would you be willing to role-play on IM?: Yes
Would you be willing to role-play via E-Mail?: Yes

Example (IC only)
First Person (Journal Entry):

What trickery is this? Speak now and I may still let you live, scum. Who dares to toy with Her Imperial Majesty, Jadis, Queen of Narnia, Chatelaine of Cair Paravel, Empress of the Lone Islands? The Great Cat is dead! His magic should not follow me here. Still silent? I think I will do to you what I did to Charn. It will amuse me to see your world die for this.

Third Person (Com Log):

The war chariot rumbled to an unplanned halt, the polar bears leading it roared, and the White Witch woke. Jadis gave her surroundings a wary once over and frowned deeply. It was not particularly that she disapproved of the wintry landscape that greeted her upon waking but the fact that she had been on her way to battle in a place very unlike this when she was last conscious that concerned her. A cold wind ruffled the great lion's mane about her neck and her eyes, a poisonous green, narrowed.  Someone would pay and pay dearly for this.
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Any questions?

And Frost would like to know if Jadis likes Cocoa Chinos

Just the one. If I'm looking to pick up additional characters, shall I fill out an application proper for each of them?

Her Majesty informs me that she has no idea what those are, you funny little man. ;)
Yes, please just to make it fair

Well then her majesty will have to find out.

And you can start a wake up log or join KP's log ^~
Gotcha. On all accounts. Because... I have this horrible urge to app Stitch next. I have apping sickness.
Oh theres nothing wrong with applying sickness XD
Heh, well I guess not if it gets us a cute demented blue fuzzy thing.